Android Auto Vs. Apple CarPlay: What’s New in 2020

Many road accidents happen due to drivers answering phone calls, texting, switching music, or looking at the map while driving. Google and Apple took the initiative to offer a solution, and make their debut in the automotive industry with the launch of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The two digital driving companions integrate with a car’s in-built infotainment system, allowing people to perform in-car tasks without their phones.

Since their first launch, the two tech giants have continuously improved on the original creations, releasing updates almost every other year. So, let’s put Apple CarPlay vs. Android auto to see which is better and what new updates they bring in 2020

Android Auto Vs. CarPlay

Despite the rivalry between Google and Apple, their digital driving assistants are relatively similar in function. You can say Android Auto is the Apple CarPlay for Android smartphones, aiming to help drivers focus on the road by eliminating the need to grab their phones for calls, texts, maps, and more.

The two systems work by projecting a smartphone’s interface onto the dashboard screens of newer vehicles. It displays apps that run from the phone’s OS, including Android Auto music apps, calls and messaging maps, and more, which allows drivers a level of hands-free support.

Additionally, both the Android Auto app and CarPlay offer similar connectivity with smartphones. They support a direct USB link as well as a wireless connection in some newer car models. But that is where their connection ends!

They differ in their map integration. Where CarPlay supports its built-in Apple Maps and Google Maps, its counterpart only works with Google Maps.

Additionally, Apple CarPlay’s ecosystem is as guarded as it is for iOS devices. Thus, you cannot use Android Auto on iPhones. Contrarily, Android Auto is compatible with an array of smartphones and tablets that support Android 5.0 and above.

In a nutshell, CarPlay vs. Android Auto are similar in their purpose, but differ in how they perform, their compatible devices, and more.

Apple Vs. Android: Which is Better?

The automobile industry is continuously advancing, with innovations coming to light each day. That said, Apple vs. Android have just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driver safety and technology advancements with the development of CarPlay and Android Auto.

With upgrades in the systems and new vehicles already integrated with driving assistants, it’s just the beginning of the industry. So, investing in Android Auto or CarPlay app development may get you the chance to feature your app on an entirely new platform in the future.

I hope the blog helped in understanding the car infotainment systems and the upgrades they offer in 2020. If you have an idea for an app, get in touch with our experts for a quote or consultation!

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